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E.W.Klein and Company Monthly Newsletter

With over 98 years of vacuum application expertise, we have learned a few helpful tips, tricks, and work arounds along the way....this newsletter is our way of sharing some of that knowledge with our customers.  As our employees continue to learn and grow in the vacuum field, we will be looking to share that knowledge with you here!

Check in with us frequently for our monthly newsletter - the goal of which is to provide insightful, educational, and relevant information to our customers from all areas of the vacuum world.  Check out our other content under "Resources" featuring educational videos/demos, trouble shooting guides, blog posts, and much more. 

Have a topic or suggestion for one of our newsletters? 



July 2019 Newsletter

"Hot Weather Tips"

With summer heat rising, the temperatures in your vacuum pump and seal water are likely to be hotter than normal.  How does this affect your pump's performance? Check out our July 2019 newsletter to see  what can you do to ensure proper performance throughout the summer months!


August 2019 Newsletter

"Flooding the Pump"

With a background in electrical engineering, our newest addition, Tie Duan, talks about topics and lessons learned from his time in the field as a vacuum application engineer in his mailer series "Learning Vacuum With the New Guy".  This article talks about how to prevent flooding and damaging a pump with proper piping.


September 2019 Newsletter

"The Rotary Vane and The Gas Ballast"

A deep dive on the rotary vane pump, and how Gardner Denver uses the gas ballast as a preventative accessory to ensure continued performance in an oil vane vacuum pump. 


October 2019 Newsletter

"Ferrite Content"

A review of some of the properties of SS and cast metals, ferrite levels, and how their make up can effect the vacuum pump.


November 2019 Newsletter

"Simple Troubleshooting"

Simple troubleshooting guide measuring vacuum levels at the pump and at the process. 


December 2019 Newsletter

"Bound or Unbound Water"

How do you take your water? A discussion on the properties of water in a fiberous solution and how they effect dry times in a vacuum process.


January 2020 Newsletter

"Heat - The Common Enemy"


February 2020 Newsletter

"Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers"


March 2020 Newsletter

"Separation, Filtration, Condensation"

In the kick off to our New Year with the New Guy, Tie talks about the relationship of Rotary Vane, Claw Pumps, Regenerative Blowers, Dry Screw Pumps and their common enemy: Heat.  How does heat affect each of these different vacuum pumps in their operation? How to prevent thermal failure? Find out here!

Taking a turn from vacuum to focus on the field of heat transfer Tie turns up the temp in this month's newsletter! 

We get into various HX designs, the science behind heat transfer, laminar flow, pressure drop, gasketing, and servicing of a HX unit.  

As a company, we represent the top Heat Exchanger brand in the business, 

Alfa Laval. 

March right in to this month's newsletter covering some of the most common ways to prevent process carry-over into your vacuum pump system.  Tie breaks down the various ways to achieve separation of fluids, filtration of light dust/particulate, and condensation of vapors. 

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