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E.W.Klein Representative & Distributor OEM PARTS

E.W.Klein and Company has been the South East's most sought after manufacturer's representative for industrial vacuum products for close to 100 years.  So, it's no secret that we represent the top industrial manufacturer's pumps and products.  While our products are designed for a long operational life span, sometimes, set backs happens and pumps need to be repaired.  Did you know that we also offer OEM parts for repairs, replacements, and wear items?  

For any repair to be effective and long lasting - high quality, precision parts must be used. Critical clearances and tolerances inside the equipment must be maintained to ensure proper performance and reliability.  It's for this reason that we only supply parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) - we know how important it is to get the correct part, on time, to the quality and dimensions that guarantee your equipment's best performance.  

Contact us for quotes on Nash, Elmo Rietschle, Alfa Laval, and our piping accessories. 

Nash Parts
Federal Fillers Integrated Systems_0.jpg

Certified Nash OEM Repair Parts

Wear Parts - Repair Kits - Iron and SS - Vacuum and Compressor Pump Parts

Elmo Rietschle Parts
Pump Parts (2)_0.jpg

Certified Elmo Rietschle OEM Parts

Parts - Filters - Oil - Bearings - Vanes

Alfa Laval Parts

Certified Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Parts

Parts - Plates - Repairs - Tie Bolt Set

EWKlein Piping Accessories
Valve Parts_0_0_1491421536.jpg

General Piping Accessories

Vacuum Gauges - Flow Control Valves - Vacuum Relief Valves - Strainers - Solenoid Valves - Flow Switches - Vacuum Boots - Clamps

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