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Online Cart Return Policy

E.W.Klein represents multiple different manufacturers, each with their own unique policy for returns.  Please contact your local E.W.Klein representative to discuss return policy criteria prior to submitting your order. 

For online orders processed on our shopping cart, we are unable to offer returns once a product has shipped!!!  Please be advised prior to placing your order.  Please see FAQ below for our return policy below. 

- Once entered online, there is still time to "cancel" the order.  Please contact us via our website chat, email, or phone number as the fastest way to put the brakes on your order.  Refunds may still be available during this time period. 

- Once an order is entered and processed with our manufacturer, it is much more difficult to stop or cancel your order.  Refund may not be able available at this time.  We will always do our best to accommodate your request to stop an order if possible.

-Once an order has shipped, we are unable to cancel orders or provide a refund on online orders.  We do honor all manufacturer's warranties in the unlikely event your product arrive defective.  

-Once an item has been received or unboxed, we are unable to accept any return or afford refund. 

-Contact us with any questions or concerns!  We understand sometimes orders fall through.  Sooner is always better if you feel you need to cancel an order.  We will do our best to cancel your order and provide a full refund or stop billing prior to order shipment.  We appreciate your cooperation and communication in making your transaction a success and we appreciate your business!


Suite 115

2270 Northwest Pkwy
Marietta, Ga. 30067


PHONE: (404) 256-9200

FAX: (404) 256-3471


SALES STAFF: EWK Team email and phone information.

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