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Nash Certified OEM Service & Repair

by Gardner Denver

NASH Certified Service Centers are the only centers authorized to provide OEM parts, factory trained technicians, and patented upgrades that provide NASH quality service and repair at a competitive price.  All Nash Certified repairs come with Nash's industry leading 2 year warranty on materials and craftsmanship giving you peace of mind. 

Some companies claim to offer service, but take shortcuts, reuse parts and do not repair the product to OEM specs. Considering another service shop - why even risk it? Sub-par repairs can lead to costly downtime, pump and system failure, and lost production. For maximum productivity, reliability, and efficiency choose a NASH Certified Service.  Contact us to start a repair now!

  • Pump Repairs

  • Fiberscopes

  • On Site Field Service

    • Bearing Change​

    • Repair Supervision

  • Hydro Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Remanufactured & Exchange Pumps

Extend Your Pump Life with Nash's Certified OEM Service & Repair

  • Every pump is thoroughly inspected and photographed prior to repair/refurbishment.

  • Nash provides a FREE detailed report that tells you exactly what needs to be done, and how much it will cost.

  • Refurbished pumps are restored to original factory specifications, right down to the paint.

  • Nash restores your pumps to like-new condition replacing all bearings, gaskets, and shims with new.

  • All repaired/refurbished pumps come with Nash's standard 2 year warranty. 

  • On average, refurbishing is half the cost of a replacement pumps.

  • Extend the serviceable life of pumps, making them a better investment.

  • Keep pumps running at peak efficiency, making your lines more productive.

  • Regain lost performance on older pumps in your process.

Customers generally save 25-75% off buying new with a Nash Certified Repair

 *Pumps can be refurbished up to three separate times to extend the life of your pump*

Gardner Denver Nash's Brand New Service Center in 

Moody, AL. (Birmingham)

Examples of Pump Rebuilds & Gardner Denver Nash's Commitment to Excellent Craftsmanship

Rotor in Process  . . . and then Finished

Nash Certified Performance Testing

Examples of Shoddy NON-Nash Craftsmanship - The "Other Guy's" Version of a Fabricated, Undamaged Rotor


Example of NASH of Fabricated Rotor

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