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Plastic Industry

Extruder degassing

In the case of recycled material, vacuum pumps remove air inclusions, moisture and adhesives from the molten plastic. They extract all the low-molecular substances in order to obtain the optimum quality, i.e. a smooth surface, high strength, better insulation properties and a lower out gassing rate, resulting in recyclable material which achieves the same level as new material.



Liquid ring vacuum pumps in vacuum mode are used in the packaging production, specifically to make proper forms in plastic layers ( i.e. for plastic plates, glasses and wire glands).

Plastic film

Plastic film is turned on turning bars. Turning bars are perforated pipes through which air is blown to create air cushions the plastic film can glide across without coming into contact with the surface.

Filtering & Knockout

Filters, Traps, & Condensers

Our vacuum traps can be used to protect a variety of vacuum pump technologies from particulate, liquid, aerosol and vapor contaminants migrating from a process. Multiple insert options and configurations are available to ensure pumps are properly protected. The trap minimizes pump oil contamination resulting in significantly fewer oil changeouts and reduced maintenance costs.

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