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Anest Iwata - Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps
Includes ISP 50, ISP 90, ISP 250C, ISP 500C, ISP 1000E
DVSL 100C, DVSL 500E, DVSL 501E, GVSU 500B


Anest Iwata is the original innovator of dry, oil free, scroll vacuum pump technology.  Scroll pumps are designed for specialty physical and chemical science applications, in addition to general industrial and laboratory vacuum.

Anest Iwata pumps feature a unique scroll impeller that creates a continuous process of  suction, compression, and exhaust with little change in torque, resulting in low vibration and low noise during operation. This design also makes the pump compact, lightweight, and highly efficient while being less prone to vacuum leaks than other means of vacuum generation.  


Scroll style pumps offer a range of deep vacuum pressure from 3.75 Torr/29.77" HgV to .0075 Torr/29.92" HgV without the hassle of oil contamination, oil changes, or exhaust vapors.  Air flow pumping speeds range from 2.1 SCFM (60 lpm) to 42.4 SCFM (1200 lpm).


Common chemical applications for Anest Iwata pumps : Cryogenics, Vacuum Freeze Drying, Vacuum Sterilizing, Mass Spectrometry, Electron Microscopes, Lead Detection, and Accelerator Synchrotron.  

Common general industrial/lab applications for Anest Iwata pumps: Pick and Place, Degassing, Vacuum Forming, Vacuum Filling, Vacuum Packaging, and Vacuum Drying.  

Parts, pumps, service, and accessories (inlet filters, exhaust silencers, repair kits, and isolation valves) are all available, contact EWKlein and Company today for any quotes or questions! 

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