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Chemical Industry

E.W. Klein has supplied the global chemical industry with safe and reliable systems for more than 98 years. Our vacuum pumps, compressors, air ejectors and engineered systems maximize output and efficiency while minimizing maintenance and pollution into the environment. Our solutions are engineered to work smarter. From hermetically sealed pumps that eliminate leakage to engineered hybrid vacuum systems that optimize efficiency, we deliver smarter solutions custom tailored to your specific requirements.


Nash Liquid Ring Technology for the Chemical Industry

NASH & GARO liquid ring pumps and compressors use a fluid compressant instead of pistons, vanes, or rotating lobes. The liquid ring eliminates metal-to-metal contact and delivers cool running, low maintenance performance. While water is an excellent seal liquid and is often used due to its availability and convenience, we know it is not always compatible with chemical processes applications.

In many chemical applications, trace amounts of water cannot be tolerated in the product, and in some applications, alternative seal liquids can yield process advantages. NASH vacuum pumps and compressors can operate with a variety of liquids including sulfuric acid, benzene, ethylene glycol, gasoline, and many more. Our experienced team of application engineers can recommend a seal liquid that is compatible with your process gases.

Nash Dry-Pro:

The NASH DRY-PRO is a remarkably simple, yet sophisticated, reliable, and highly efficient dry vacuum pump. The dry and contact-free operation requires no lubrication in the pumping chamber. The Result: NO PROCESS CONTAMINATION and NO POLLUTION.


Our dry screw pumps can handle corrosives, organics, inorganics, and solvents because of its oil-free, non-contacting screw design, and are ideal for pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications. This industrial dry vacuum pump offers many benefits such as a wide operating range, reliable performance, low life-cycle costs.


From bare pumps to pre-engineered and engineered-to-order dry screw vacuum solutions, the DRY-PRO delivers dry vacuum solutions backed by over a century of engineering expertise, and NASH CERTIFIED global service and support.

Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers

Rising costs, strict regulations and global competition are shaping inorganic chemical manufacturing today. Alfa Laval’s expertise and equipment deliver cost-savings, compliance and competitive edge. For outstanding results, count on our reliable, efficient solutions for heat transfer, separation, condensation and evaporation. These boost productivity while reducing costs, energy use and environmental impact.

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