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Gardner Denver Elmo Rietschle's "PureVac"
Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Includes VC 50, VC 75, VC 100, VC 150, VCS 200, VCS 300 Oil Filled Rotary Vane Pumps
VLR 60, VLR 100, VLR 150 Dry Claw Pumps


Introducing Elmo Rietschle's Industrial Central Vacuum Systems by Gardner Denver.  Also called "PureVac" systems, they provide a turnkey vacuum system solution designed specifically for applications requiring deep vacuum,  redundancy, and longevity.

PureVac central vacuum systems are designed with the end user in mind for ease and simplicity of use.  Systems are plug and play with modular configuration for easy service access and expansion.  Duplex, triple, and quadplex systems available.  All systems display maintenance tracking intervals and service history information for at a glance monitoring.  Optional enclosures available to further reduce noise and cover equipment for aesthetics.  


PureVac systems feature either Elmo Rietschle's VC series of oil filled rotary vane pumps (VC 50, VC 75, VC 100, VC 150, VCS 200, VCS 300) or VLR series of dry claw pumps (VLR 60, VLR 100, VLR 150, VLR 251). PureVac systems provide flows ranging from 35 SCFM to 49 SCFM and deep vacuum down to 5 Torr (29.7" HgV) for vane pumps and 42 SCFM with vacuum down to 85 Torr (26.6"HgV) for the claw pumps.  Larger capacity systems will become available soon.

In addition to the vacuum pumps, systems feature NEMA premium motors, 80 Gallon Vertical Vacuum Tank Receiver, Control Panel w/touch Screen, inlet manifold, SS pressure transducer, inlet filter, vacuum hose with SS connections, all mounted on an aluminum frame.  Systems are tested before shipment and feature a 12 month warranty.  Additional options available for larger tank size, filtration, VFD operation, and alternate voltages.  

Common chemical applications for PureVac industrial centralized vacuum systems : General industry, paper converting, packaging, pick and place, conveying, plastic forming/molding, food manufacturing, bottling, chemical, woodworking/hold down. 

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