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Welcome to Monarch II Systems 

HDPE Silencers/Separators


HDPE - "High Density PolyEthylene" - The Steel Alternative

Monarch II Systems silencer/separators are designed using HDPE material.  HDPE is known for its superior longevity, durability, and resistance to chemical attack from acidic, corrosive, and erosive substances.  But did you know that HDPE is often 50% LESS expensive than steel!?  Outfitting your vacuum system with an HDPE separator is a cost effective way to have peace of mind your silencer/separator will last the lifetime of your vacuum pump - without any sudden failures due to rust, corrosion, or internal baffling deterioration.  

In addition to silencers and separators, Monarch also offers vacuum pump manifolds, custom tank fabrications, and drop in replacements for older Burgess-Manning separators. All Monarch HDPE silencer/separators come with a standard 3 year warranty and are made in the USA. 

Additional Benefits

  • No Collapsing Internals

  • Stainless Benefits at Carbon Steel Prices

  • Bolt-In Replacement for Vanec and Burgess - Manning Water Trap Silencers

  • Adjustable Legs

  • No-Extra-Charge for Special Orientations

  • Erosion Resistant

  • Made in U.S.A.

  • (Three) Year Warranty

  • Laminar Flow Inspection Port Design - 12'' I.D.

  • Quick Delivery

  • Certified: ISO 9001-2008



Monarch HDPE Separator with Adjustable Legs

Monarch HDPE Separator 


Monarch HDPE Separator Installed in Recirc System

Recirc Separator.jpg

Monarch HDPE Separator Installed in Recirc System

Recirc Separator 2.jpg

Showing Rust & Corrosion Due to Time on a Carbon Steel Separator - HDPE Lasts for Life!

Rusted Carbon Steel Separator 1.jpg
Rusted Carbon Steel Separator 2.jpg
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