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Energy, Environment and Food

With the vision of creating better everyday conditions for people, Alfa Laval has developed products since 1883. The world is increasingly focused on saving energy and protecting the environment. Alfa Laval is committed to those goals. Our products are involved in treating water, reducing carbon emissions and minimizing water and energy consumption, as well as heating, cooling, separating and transporting food. These areas represent the core of Alfa Laval's expertise.

Thermal Exchange Systems

Alfa Laval’s sole focus is providing you the most advanced thermal technology available, delivering best fit-for-purpose solutions, that optimize your key thermal exchange processes

Engineered Thermal Exchange Systems

Welded Plate



Gasketed Plate & Frame

Welded Plate


Alfa Laval Niagara Wet

Surface Air Coolers (WSAC®)

Alfa Laval ACE air cooled exchangers

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