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Welch DryFast Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

Includes models DryFast Collegiate 2014, Model 2019, DryFast 2034, DryFast 2037, DryFast 2044, DryFast 2047, DryFast Ultra 2032, and DryFast Ultra 2042

Welch Chemical Duty DryFast vacuum pumps use dry, oil free membrane (diaphragm) technology to create fast vacuum draw down.  Flow rate ranging from 0.8 SCFM to 7.8 SCFM, the DryFast line is developed specifically for chemical applications. DryFast pumps provide vacuum from 9 Torr (29.6"HgV) to 150 Torr (24"HgV)

The DryFast models feature PTFE coated heads and PTFE diaphragms to provide chemical resistance against organic solvents and aggressive vapors/gases.  DryFast pumps have built in Advanced Vapor Management capabilities with built in vacuum tuning for precise vacuum control.  Available in 1 Phase, .20 HP  Motor, weighing roughly 22 Lbs.

Common laboratory applications for Welch DryFast pumps : DMF stripping, rotary evaporation, concentrators, evaporators, vacuum ovens, filtration, degassing, impregnation, vacuum filtration, leak detection, and many other chemical laboratory applications! 

dryfast 2014.png
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