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Welcome to VANEC

Vibration and Noise Engineering Company--Vanec

​VANEC’s capabilities in industrial silencer design and application are reinforced with our knowledge and experience of the industries and processes where the products are utilized. VANEC product applications can be found in industries such as: 

Power Generation  

Oil & Gas Refining  

Petrochemical Process 

Natural Gas Transmission/Distrubution 

Pharmaceutical Processing

Material Handling & Pneumatic Conveying

Pulp & Paper 

Waste Water Treatment 

Locomotive & Transportation 

Marine Propulsion 


Monarch HDPE Silencers/Separators


50% Less Expensive than Steel


Vacuum pump efficiency is critical to operational performance and production. Let Monarch II Systems tell you about saving money and eliminating one more maintenance headache – RUST.


Monarch II Systems can reduce maintenance cost by eliminating rusting and failing baffling associated with carbon steel silencer/separator.

Additional Benefits

  • No Collapsing Internals

  • Stainless Benefits at Carbon Steel Prices

  • Bolt-In Replacement for Vanec and Burgess - Manning Water Trap Silencers

  • Adjustable Legs

  • No-Extra-Charge for Special Orientations

  • Erosion Resistant

  • Made in U.S.A.

  • (Three) Year Warranty

  • Laminar Flow Inspection Port Design - 12'' I.D.

  • Quick Delivery

  • Certified: ISO 9001-2008



Monarch Silencer/Separators* are designed using HDPE material, yielding a rust-free and less expensive silencer. We also manufacture Inlet & Discharge Manifolds, as well as Vacuum Separators up to 84'' diameter.

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