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Welch by

Gardner Denver

Includes DuoSeal, Chemstar, CRVpro, WOB-L, Dryfast, Self Cleaning Pumps and More

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E.W.Klein & Company is your nation wide distributor for Welch vacuum pumps!  Need any performance specs, parts list, or manuals for your Welch pump?  Call or email us with any questions or to request additional information on Welch vacuum pumps.  Our solution engineers are ready to help! 


Welch specializes in laboratory and light industrial vacuum pumps, systems, and components.  Sold under the Welch name, pumps are manufactured by Gardner Denver, one of the vacuum industries most trusted and recognized manufacturers.  

Welch has provided quality vacuum pumps for chemical & biological laboratory applications for over a century.  In addition to laboratory environments, Welch pumps are often used in industrial and educational/collegiate applications.  Welch vacuum pumps have also been a staple in the air-conditioning/refrigeration industries.

The Welch product line includes Dryfast/Dryfast Ultra diaphragm vacuum pumps, DuoSeal / ChemStar / CRVpro oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, ChemStar dry rotary vane vacuum pumps, WOB-L dry piston pumps, and multiple other specialized vacuum systems catering to medical/biological/chemical/industrial application needs.   


Welch even offers a powerful alternative to the traditional central vacuum system found in most chemical labs - WelchNet - an easy to install and expand modular laboratory vacuum network. 

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