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Welcome to VANEC

Industrial Inlet/Discharge Vacuum Pump Water Trap Separators and Silencers

​"Vibration and Noise Engineering Corporation" - VANEC

Having more than 150 years of combined experience, VANEC’s capabilities in industrial silencer design and application are reinforced with E.W.Klein's expertise and knowledge of the industries and processes where the products are utilized.


Separator/silencers may be used on the inlet side of the vacuum pump to  protect the pump from liquid slugs or excessive system liquid loads. Separator/silencers used on the discharge side of the vacuum pump provide noise reduction and protection from seal fluid discharging back to atmospheric pressure. 

VANEC offers a number materials of construction (carbon steel, stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic, and more) to custom fit your needs. All  separators/silencers come standard with VANEC's full one year warranty on materials and workmanship.  


Looking to replace your old Burgess Manning™ or Universal separator/silencers?  See our sizing chart below.  Give us a call and find out how easy it is to secure a direct drop in replacement for your Burgess Manning™* or Universal separators/silencers! 


VANEC product applications can be found in industries such as: 


Power Generation  

Oil & Gas Refining  

Petrochemical Process 

Natural Gas Transmission/Distrubution 

Pharmaceutical Processing

Material Handling & Pneumatic Conveying

Pulp & Paper 

Waste Water Treatment 

Locomotive & Transportation 

Marine Propulsion 

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Water Trap Silencer Dimensions.JPG
Water Trap Silencer Dimensions units.JPG

*Burgess Manning is a registered Trademark of CECO Environmental Corp. E.W. Klein & Company has no affiliation with Burgess Manning or CECO Environmental Corp in any way. 

*Universal Silenceris a registered Trademark of Dürr Universal, Inc. E.W. Klein & Company has no affiliation with Universal Silencer or Dürr Universal, Inc

*Stoddard is a registered Trademark of  Stoddard Silencers of Canada Inc... E.W. Klein & Company has no affiliation with  Stoddard Silencers of Canada Inc.

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