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Welch CRVpro Direct Drive Rotary Vane Pumps

Includes models CRVpro 2, CRVpro 4, CRVpro 6, CRVpro 8, CRVpro 16, CRVpro 24, CRVpro 30, CRVpro 48, CRVpro 65 (Two Stage)

Welch CRVpro vacuum pumps are two-stage, direct driven rotary vane pumps designed for general laboratory vacuum and chemical applications.  Ranging from 1.8 SCFM to 52.5 SCFM they cover a wild variance of flow requirements found in most collegiate, commercial, and industrial laboratory environments. All CRVpro pumps provide deep vacuum to .002 Torr (29.919"HgV)

The CRVpro line is built for reliability to provide stable operation and a long product lifespan when maintained properly.  These models are designed with enhanced air flow, allowing the pump to operate 10°C cooler than standard direct drive models.  Lower operating temp leads to reduced chemical reactivity within the pump and also slows down the rate of oil consumption.  

The CRVpro also features a PTFE coating on the inside of the oil casing, along with a larger oil capacity, to slow chemical corrosion and extend service internals.  

Available in 1 Phase TEFC Motor, 3 Phase TEFC Motor, and Explosion Proof Motors.  

Common laboratory applications for Welch CRVpro pumps : Freeze drying, vacuum ovens, concentrators, glove boxes, schlenk lines, HVAC/refrigeration service, coaters, backing diffusion pumps and turbo molecular pumps, short path, wiped film, metallurgy/vacuum furnaces, lamp manufacture, space simulation, degassing, and vessel/chamber evacuation.

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