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ChemStar Dry Oil-Free Deep Vacuum System

Welch ChemStar Belt Driven Vacuum Pumps

Includes Chemstar 1376N, Chemstar 1400N, Chemstar 1402N

Chemstar Dry Oil Free Models 2070, 2071, and 2081

Welch ChemStar belt driven rotary vane vacuum pumps come in two different styles - oil filled and dry, oil free - to provide deep vacuum and superior resistance from chemical contamination and corrosion across a wide range of chemical applications.


The ChemStar oil filled line provides flows ranging from 0.9 SCFM to 10.6 SCFM and very deep vacuum from .2 Torr (29.912" HgV" to .0001 Torr (29.919" HgV).

The ChemStar Dry, oil free line provides flows ranging from 6.9 SCFM to 12.4 SCFM and very deep vacuum down to .05 Torr (29.918" HgV) 

Both oil filled and oil free models feature PTFE coatings on all internals to resist corrosion from process chemicals along with slow pumping speeds to reduce heat.  Oil filled pumps come filled with Welch Gold Oil, a synthetic lubricant designed to minimize the effects of chemical contamination.  ChemStar Dry systems provide the first chemical resistant, deep vacuum, alternative to oil-sealed pumps for clean, fast, and dependable performance.  

Common chemical applications for Welch ChemStar pumps : Schlenk lines, vacuum ovens, freeze dryers, centrifugal concentrators, high boiling point evaporations, and a myriad of gas/vapor applications including general laboratory applications.  

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