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Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Service & Repairs

Alfa Laval offers you the most comprehensive technical service in the industry.  With our extensive manufacturing and service background, we understand the importance of well maintained equipment.  We know the problems and costs of downtime. That's why at Alfa Laval we guarantee that our repairs will be done properly - the first time and every time. 


Get in touch with us at E.W.Klein to start a repair evaluation on your equipment!

Learn more about Ultrasonic Cleansing Here


Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

Evaluation & Repair Service

Sending your heat exchanger to Alfa Laval for repair evaluation starts here. OEM certified technicians will evaluate your heat transfer unit to bring it back to same as new condition and performance.


Services range from addition of new plates to expand your heat exchanger's capacity, to regasketing, to descaling of build up in the existing plate faces.  

Alfa Laval Repair Services

  • Gasket replacement

  • Plate Pack Installation

  • Plate Cleaning ​​/ Replacement

  • Tie Bolt Replacement

  • Ultra Sonic Patented Cleansing Available

  • 4 Step Reconditioning Process

    • Liquid nitrogen Gasket Removal​

    • UV light crack detection

    • Special Epoxy Glue and Curing

    • Chemical Plate Cleansing

  • World Wide field Service

  • Genuine OEM parts

  • One Year warranty on all repairs

  • All makes and models serviced 

  • Global Labs and Test Centers

Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

Evaluation & Repair Service

Regular service maintains longevity and ensures maximum performance of your heat transfer system.

Get a free quote with anticipated repairs and lead time to bring your system back to like new. 

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