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VSB Variable Pitch Dry Screw

Vacuum Pump

Capacity up to 1,500 ACFM (up to 2,500 m3/h)

NASH Pre-Engineered DRY-PRO VSB packages offer quick shipment with plug & play installation for a variety of dry vacuum processes in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. All of our systems are fully assembled and tested at our packaging plants, which are located in key industrial areas around the globe. 

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Reliable and Efficient with Proven Performance

These pre-engineered packages are designed around the DRY-PRO VSB dry screw vacumm pump. The dry and contact-free operation of DRY-PRO VSB requires no lubrication in the pumping chamber. This translated into the major advantages: no process contamination and no pollution caused by the pump operation. Because of its oil-free , non-contacting screw design, NASH DRY-PRO pumps and systems can safely and reliably handle corrosives, organics, inorganics, and solvents.

The NASH DRY-PRO VSB Pre-Engineered system includes:

T-DRY-PRO dry screw vacuum pump

-TEFC motor and coupling

-Base frame

-Cooling water supply line

-Discharge temperature switch 

*Optional upgrades are available*



Factory Service

Strategically located to provide support where and when you need it.



Built to our legendary standards using current designs and specifications. Fit and performance guaranteed.

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Field Service

Our team of NASH Certified Technicians are available to supplement your in-house maintenance operations.

Technical Data

  • Suction Capacity: up to 1,500 ACFM(up to 2,500 m3/h)

  • Vacuum Range: to 0.02 Torr (to 0.03 mbar)

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