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Paper Machine Runnability and Tail Threading Solutions

RunPro Solution

Runnability orientated RunPro offers web stabilizing, machine geometry modifications and ropeless tail threading solutions to eliminate runnability problems and to ensure fluent paper making process.

Web stabilizing and tail threading solutions are safe, reliable and maintenance free resulting in significant benefits that are reflected in a minimal payback time.



The Main benefits:



  • Increased machine speed

  • Improved runnability

  • Decreased investment and raw material costs

  • Reduced tail threading time during breaks up to 80%

  • Very little maintenance required

  • Improved operator safety 

Wide experience and involvement in a large number of projects enables us to provide a wide range of technology and services for improving the operation of a paper machine. Results of the RunPro optimization can be realized in increased machine speed, improved runnability, decreased investment and raw material costs, reduced tail threading time, low maintenance and improved operator safety.


RunPro solution consist of:

  • Web stabilizers, pocket ventilation and tail threading for the press-, single-, and double felted sections

  • Tail threading for the long open draws

  • Pull-down foils for the pope reel

  • Trim handling equipment

  • Ropes drives, rope tensioners and rope pulleys

  • Tail cutters

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