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Paper Machine Vacuum Blower Systems

RunEco Solution

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, RunEco Vacuum System provides a reliable, completely water free vacuum solution that is ideal for industrial paper machine vacuum applications.


RunEco Vacuum System consists of EP Turbo blower, EcoDrop water separator and EcoFlow dewatering measurement. RunEco vacuum system saves 30-70% of energy and 100% of water for your vacuum system. Efficient exhaust side heat recovery systems can also be included in the RunEco solution resulting in improved overall heat recovery output and energy efficiency. Normal payback time for RunEco rebuild is 1-3 years.



The Main Benefits:

  • Saves 30% to 70% more energy than traditional vacuum systems

  • EP Turbo is the first variable speed and variable capacity turbo blower available

  • Installation can be performed during a normal machine shutdown or even with the machine still running to avoid unnecessary production losses

  • Payback time 1-3 years

  • Maximizing sheet dryness and cleanliness from the wire section to the dryer brings measurable cost savings such as notable improvement in the paper machine efficiency and reduces the dryer section energy consumption.

Available in a range of configurations, including single and two-stage turbo, utilizing composite or titanium impellers, and up to a 600kW high-speed drive, the RunEco vacuum system can be tailored to meet each individual customers needs.

RunEco solution consist of:

  • EP Turbo blower

  • EcoDrop water separator

  • EcoFlow dewatering measurement system

  • Heat Recovery system

  • Paper machine dryer hood

  • Machine hall ventilation

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