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Paper Machine Dewatering and Cleaning Solutions

RunDry Solution

Runtech's tailor-made solution, RunDry significantly improves dewatering, doctoring and cleaning processes enabling increased dryness after the press section. RunDry is a complete solution with the payback time typically under 1 year.



The Main benefits:

  • 1-3% increase in dryness after press section

  • Saves 4-10% of dryer section steam and/or increases the production considerably

  • Ensures efficient water discharge with perfect rewet prevention

  • Payback time less than one year


Maximizing sheet dryness and cleanliness from the wire section to the dryer brings measurable cost savings such as notable improvement in the paper machine efficiency and reduces the dryer section energy consumption. 

Optimized dewatering and cleaning technology can significantly reduce several production problems such as poor moisture profiles, dirt contamination, corrosion, time used for cleaning and poor permeability of the fabrics leading to reduced breaks and even reduce wet draws. Working environment will be safer and healthier.


RunDry solution consist of:

  • Save-alls

  • Doctoring

  • Forming and dryer section cleaning systems

  • EcoFlow dewatering measurement system

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