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Engineered Vacuum Systems
NK Pre-Separator Packages

Configured-to-Order Engineered Separator Package for Paper Mills

Developed as part of Nash's closed seal water circuit and heat recovery program for the Paper Industry, 
the NK series of separator packages are efficient, reliable, and simple in design and operation.



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High Separation Efficiency

With low NPHS pumps, Nk Pre-Separators are ideal for bottom felts and anywhere barometic legs are impractical.
Internal separator features ensure high separation efficiency (tests show above 99.8%), which is
important if seal water is recirculated through heat exchangers and cooling toers, or re-used
on machine felt/fabric showers.

Minimum Floorspace and Easy Maintenance

The self-priming pump is designed specifically to operate at vacuum, is flangesmounted for simple
installation with minimum floor space. The unit also incorporates a swing-out feature for ease of maintenance.


Factory Service

Strategically located to provide support where and when you need it.



Built to our legendary standards using current designs and specifications. Fit and performance guaranteed.

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Field Service

Our team of NASH Certified Technicians are available to supplement your in-house maintenance operations.

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