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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 
Medium Capacity, 2BE1

Capacity 60 to 12,300 ACFM (100 to 21,000 m3/h)

The NASH 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor series covers a broad range of suction volume, vacuum, and pressure. Based on the proven reliable flat sided liquid ring vacuum pump design the 2BE1 is available in 23 models, has a large differential pressure capability, and is ATEX Certified. For these reasons, the 2BE1 is one of the most popular liquid ring pumps worldwide and can be found in almost all industrial vacuum applications including the chemical, pulp & paper, and power generation industries.


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Backed by decades of reliable performance the 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor series continues to offer a cost-effective, reliable vacuum solution for almost all industrial vacuum applications. Available in 23 models, the 2BE1 product line covers a wide range of capacity sizes and is available in cast iron, stainless steel, and a combination of both materials.   

Robust and low maintenance based on proven flat sided 2BE design

Patented in Germany in the early 1900’s, Nash’s flat sided liquid ring vacuum pump/compressor design has been providing thousands of facilities across the globe with proven performance, reliability, and peace of mind. With constant innovation, Nash’s patented design features:

  • Port plates with variable porting so pump performance is optimized across the entire operating range.

  • Large differential pressure capability

  • High liquid carryover tolerance

  • Large inspection ports allow for easy internal inspections

  • Orifice to drain pump completely when shut down


Operates as a vacuum pump and compressor with a discharge pressure range of 50 psia (3.5 bar abs)

Some applications require vacuum and compression in one process. Instead of handling the gas with two separate machines, our liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor models can do the job with only one pump - reducing cost and simplifying installation. 

NASH Classic Pump Model

With more than 110 years of experience engineering liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors, we know how to design products that last. As a result, our Classic liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors, like the 2BE1, are still manufactured and are running in plants around the world today. Only true Classics manufactured by Gardner Denver Nash are 100% performance tested and carry our factory warranty.


Factory Service

Strategically located to provide support where and when you need it.



Built to our legendary standards using current designs and specifications. Fit and performance guaranteed.

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Field Service

Our team of NASH Certified Technicians are available to supplement your in-house maintenance operations.

Technical Data

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Medium Capacity
  • Suction Capacity: 1,200 to 12,300 ACFM (2,000 to 21,000 m3/h)

  • Vacuum Range: to 1 inHgA (to 33 mbar abs.)

  • Discharge Pressure Range: 30.5 psia (2.1 bars abs)

  • Differential Pressure: to 16 psi (to 1.1 bar)

  • Shaft Seals: Stuffing box (standard)
         Mechanical Seals (single acting / double acting) on request

  • Materials of Construction: Cast iron, stainless steel, combination of both materials

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