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Side Channel Blowers


  • Compact design
    The G-BH8 is about half as large (installed volume) and nearly 60% lighter than a comparable standard machine with the same performance characteristics.

  • Quiet
    Modern sound engineering: only half as loud (78 db(A) versus 84 db(A))

  • Economical
    Cuts costs for shipping (low weight), packaging (smaller), electrical installation (smaller cross sections and smaller circuit protection devices), electrical energy (high efficiency and good controllability)

  • Flexible
    These units are normally operated with frequency converters. The housing components can be rotated in 45° increments without manifolds and silencers or in 90° increments with manifolds and silencers. Together, both of these features offer maximum flexibility upon integration in the overall system.

  • Regarding IE3
    200 Hz motors which are used in this side channel blower do not fall under IE regulations.

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