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Elmo Rietschle Claw Vacuum Pumps & Compressors by Gardner Denver

Elmo Rietschle's C-Series Zephyr dry claw vacuum pumps and claw air compressors generate contact-free and oil-less vacuum or compressed air efficiently and economically. This is possible because of the principle of internal compression in the rotary claw design- the gas is pre-compressed within the compressing chamber and is then discharged.

The Elmo Rietschle Zephyr dry claw pumps offer significant energy saving and high efficiency compared to the traditional rotary lobe blower designs without internal compression.  The C-Series Zephyr dry claw pumps operate with low sound levels, and very low maintenance requirements due to lack of traditional wear parts. 


Offering dedicated vacuum with the VLR models, pressure with the DLR models, and both vacuum/pressure with the KLR models, Elmo Rietschle by Gardner Denver's C-Series of Zephyr pumps provides reliable service across many different process applications from printing, plastics, packaging, pneumatic conveying, water treatment, general industry, woodworking, and environmental remediation. 

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Elmo Rietschle's Innovative Claw Technology

Brought to You by Gardner Denver

The claws of the C-Series feature an optimized, high precision shape and roll together without contact, synchronized by a precision gear set. The compression is achieved dry and wear free. Special seals separate the compression chamber and gearbox. The claw rotors control the transportation of the medium by opening and closing the inlet and outlet channels. Thus no sealing fluid within the compression chamber is needed.  Explosion proof versions with reduced leakage are available as well as ATEX compliant vacuum pumps and compressors.

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