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Your Vacuum Experts Since 1921

Replacement Pumps for Dekker™, Sihi™, NES, Travaini™, Samarakas, Kinney™, Tuthill™ etc

Having a tough time finding replacement pumps/parts?

  • Dekker Vacuum*

  • Sihi Vacuum Pump*

  • Travaini Vacuum Pump*

  • NES Vacuum Pump

  • Kinney & Tuthill Vacuum Pumps*

We can help! Our vacuum experts are always easy to reach. E.W. Klein never charges for on-site visits/troubleshooting

"These guys know vacuum. Waaay more than anyone else we've had in here"

                    ---Customer in NC


"With E.W. Klein, I got better pricing, better service, and they are always available either on-site on on the phone.

                      --Maint. Mgr

"You guys had the pump I needed in Stock at your Dalton, GA location. I sent a truck and 6 hours later we were up and running again!!"

                    ---Customer in SC

Problem:  We hear you! Pump Manufacturers have little or no pumps/parts in stock!

Solution#1: We have largest non-OEM stock of liquid ring vacuum pumps in the USA!

Solution#2: Contact us today! Either on-site or over the phone.

We Want to Be Your Vacuum Experts

Call 404-256-9200 for immediate assistance

*Sihi is a registered Trademark of Sihi/Flowserve. E.W. Klein & Company has no affiliation with Sihi, Sterling, or Flowserve

*Travaini is a registered Trademark of Travaini Pumps USA, Inc.. E.W. Klein & Company has no affiliation with Travaini Pumps USA, Inc.

*Dekker is a registered Trademark of DEKKER Vacuum Technologies, Inc.. E.W. Klein & Company has no affiliation with Dekker or DEKKER Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

*Kinney and Tuthill is a registered Trademark of Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems.  E.W. Klein & Co has no affiliation with Kinney or Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems.

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