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Engineered Vacuum Systems Condenser Exhauster

NASH Condenser Exhausters

For over half a century, our systems have been the products of choice for air removal systems in steam cycle power plants throughout the world. Decades of experience and customer feedback have led to the NASH Condenser Exhauster system. Pre-engineered for quick delivery and installation, these packages consists of a two stage liquid ring vacuum pump, air-liquid discharge separator, heat exchanger and associated controls.



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Durable and Rugged Performance

The NASH Condenser Exhauster system delivers proven reliability and performance, year-in and year-out. Constructed typically around the TC or 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump, our Condenser Exhauster systems are engineered to run the life of the power station, and require minimal maintenance.

Optimal Performance for Air Removal in Power Plants

Available in the sizes form 3 to 45 SCFM (6 to 87kg/hr) and are designed to provide sufficient capacity to remove air over the entire condenser operating range. In addition, because the pump performance increases as the circulating water temperature goes down, they compensate for seasonal climate variations.

Standardized Solutions Simplify Installation

Simplify your installation with a packaged system from Gardner Denver Nash. Pre-engineered Condenser Exhauster Systems are constructed on a structural steel bse. The steel base supports the entire system making it suitable for crane or forklift, simplifying delivery installation.

-Standardized Solutions Simplify Installation
-Quick Recovery

Factory Tested

We run dry-air capacity tests that correlate accurately with exhauster performance under saturated-air condenser condition. Certified reports of the factory tests are made availabe to customers without charge.


Factory Service

Strategically located to provide support where and when you need it.



Built to our legendary standards using current designs and specifications. Fit and performance guaranteed.

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Field Service

Our team of NASH Certified Technicians are available to supplement your in-house maintenance operations.

Technical Data

  • Materials of Construction: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel

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