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Welch WOB-L Dry Piston Vacuum Pumps
Includes WOB-L Models, 2511, 2522, 2534, 2546,
2561, 2562, 2567, 2581, 2585

WOB-L 2561.jpg

Welch WOB-L Dry Piston Pumps are dry, oil free, piston pumps designed for general laboratory vacuum. Capable of both pressure and vacuum, this style of pump offers lightweight portability without the hassle of oil contamination, oil changes, or exhaust vapors.  

WOB-L piston pumps come with built in adjustable vacuum tuners along with dual vacuum gauges for quick tuning and monitoring of moderate vacuum/pressure applications.    Designed to handle aqueous vapors, WOB-L piston pumps feature PTFE coated internals and liquid traps for vapor carry over from the inlet.  


The WOB-L dry piston line provides flows ranging from 0.39 SCFM to 7.1 SCFM and moderate vacuum from 219 Torr (21.3" HgV" to 5 Torr (29.8" HgV) with pressure of 33 PSIG to 100 PSIG.


Common chemical applications for Welch WOB-L pumps : Vacuum Oven applications (drying glassware, precipitates, food samples and oil samples), acrylic and poly carbonate glove boxes,  aqueous vapor desiccators, degassing, removing moisture, suspended solid samples, aspiration, and vacuum filtration.  NOT recommended for use with organic solvents/acids/bases. 

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