Welch “WOB-L” 2567 Piston Pump - 115V, 60Hz, 1 Phase.

3.5 CFM, 60 Torr/27.6” HgV


Standard duty/general lab piston vacuum pump.  Oil free operation for reduced maintenance.  Has a high water vapor tolerance. Built for durability, reliability, long service life, portability. Known for general lab use, wide range of flow rates, and moderate vacuum. 


  • Oil free operation
  • Low maintenance requirement and cost of ownership with longer life span
  • Small footprint and portable
  • Vacuum/Pressure regulator w/gauge, liquid trap at inlet, and outlet silencer.


Applications: Filtration, Aspiration, Vacuum Oven.

Additional diaphragm materials available to handle a range of chemical vapors. 

Additional motor options available.

Additional accessories available for inlet, exhaust, or application.

Complete package systems available.

Welch “WOB-L” 2567 Piston Pump

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