Welch Self Cleaning Model 2028 Vacuum System- 115V, 60Hz, 1 Phase. PTFE Chemical Resistant Construction. 1.2 CFM, 2 Torr. *For solvents with boiling point of less than 160°C*.


Chemical duty PTFE constructed diaphragm pump.  Capable of deep vacuum (2 Torr/ 29.84” HgV) with adjustable vacuum to help control evaporation rate and prevent accidental bumping/foaming.  Near maintenance free for solvent stripping up to 5L. Built for durability, reliability, long service life, chemical resistance. Known for high efficiency pumping capacity into deep vacuum. 


  • Automatic self-cleaning purge system ejects condensed vapors after shut down
  • Built in inlet and discharge separator jars to protect pump from intake of liquids and lab environment from discharge of condensed liquid.
  • Oil free “dry” operation
  • Chemical resistant with PTFE coating – ideal for solvent, acidic, basic vapors
  • Adjustable vacuum level & precise vacuum control.
  • Deep vacuum for higher purity product – 2 Torr
  • Low maintenance requirement and cost of ownership with longer life span
  • Uncontaminated pumping of gases results in cleaner samples
  • Small footprint and portable
  • Keypad control interface with LED readout. 


Additional motor options available.

Additional accessories available for inlet, exhaust, or application.

Complete package systems available.

Welch Self Cleaning Vacuum System 2028

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