Welch CRVpro 30 Two Stage Direct Drive Vacuum Pump - 115V, 60Hz, 1 Phase, TEFC Motor for US Plug. Vacuum inlet hose barb for 5/8th to 3/4th gum rubber hose connection. 1.1 HP, 21 CFM.


Used in chemical and general laboratory operation. Built for durability, reliability, long service life, chemical resistance. Known for high efficiency pumping capacity into deep vacuum (29.9”HgV).

  • Enhanced air flow allows pump to run 10 degrees cooler than standard rotary vane pumps, which leads to reduced chemical activity and oil consumption.
  • 40% larger oil reservoir to dilute chemical contaminants yields high contamination tolerance.
  • PTFE coated oil casing helps to reduce corrosion and sublimation of chemical vapors for extended service schedule and longer life.
  • Designed specifically to resist and minimize effects of chemical contaminants/gases.
  • Includes gas ballast, forced oil lubrication, anti-suck back valve, and thermal overload protection features.
  • Small footprint.


Additional motor options available - 230V, 3 Phase, XP Motors, etc.

Additional accessories available for inlet, exhaust, or application.

Complete package systems available.

Welch CRVpro 30 Two Stage Direct Drive Vacuum Pump

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