Welch ChemStar 1400N Two Stage Belt Drive Vacuum Pump - 115V, 60Hz, 1 Phase. 1/3 HP, .9 CFM 

Used in chemical and general laboratory operation. Known for durability, reliability, long service life, chemical resistance.

  • Low pump RPM to reduce friction and wear while minimizing temperature to lessen chemical activity.
  • Large oil reservoir to dilute chemical contaminants. High contamination tolerance.
  • PTFE coated surfaces, fluorocarbon gaskets and seals, nitrogen purge to cool and degas oil.
  • Long service life and simple maintenance schedule.
  • Designed specifically to resist and minimize effects of chemical contaminants/gases.

Additional motor options available - 230/460V, 3 Phase, XP Motors, etc.

Additional accessories available for corrosive gases.

Welch ChemStar 1400N Two Stage Belt Driven Vacuum Pump

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