Welch BTpro 70 Botanical Vacuum Pumps - 115V, 60Hz, 1 Phase. PTFE Chemical Resistant Construction.  .2 HP, 2.5 CFM


Chemical duty PTFE constructed diaphragm pump.  Capable of deep vacuum (15 Torr/ 29.3” HgV) with adjustable vacuum to help control evaporation rate and prevent accidental bumping/foaming.  All wetted services are made of fluoroplastic making this line of pumps highly chemical resistant and nearly maintenance free. Built for durability, reliability, long service life, chemical resistance. Known for high efficiency pumping capacity into deep vacuum.  


  • Oil free “dry” operation
  • Chemical resistant with PTFE coating – ideal for solvent, acidic, basic vapors
  • Knob tuneable vacuum control
  • Deep vacuum for higher purity product – 15 Torr
  • Low maintenance requirement and cost of ownership with longer life span
  • Uncontaminated pumping of gases results in cleaner samples
  • Small footprint and portable
  • Easily combines with a cold-trap if terpenes are involved in process application


Additional motor options available.

Additional accessories available for inlet, exhaust, or application.

Complete package systems available.

Welch BTpro 70 Botanical Vacuum Pump

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