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Press Release
E. W. Klein & Co hires Berend Morrison as Project Manager/Inside Sales Engineer.

ATLANTA, GA, 02/08/2017 -- E. W. Klein & Co, provider of engineering equipment and technical problem solving, hired Berend Morrison. Mr. Morrison will provide project management, inside technical sales and application engineering for optimized specialty pumping and process equipment solutions.

Mr. Morrison has 19 years’ experience in providing technical inside sales support for compressors, vacuum systems and pumping systems. Most recently he was Inside Sales Manager for a large distributor where he managed a team of application engineers.

“We are excited to have Mr. Morrison join our team of professionals,” said Kent Watkins, President of E. W. Klein & Co. “We did an extensive search to find the right person. His extensive knowledge, experience, and great personality were a great fit and will bring exactly what we were looking for.”

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Press Release
Alfa Laval selects E.W. Klein & Company as industrial heat transfer representative for Alabama and Georgia.

ATLANTA, GA, 06/2015 -- Alfa Laval selects E.W. Klein & Company as industrial heat transfer representative for Alabama and Georgia.

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Press Release
R.P. Adams selects E.W. Klein & Company as exclusive representative within North and South Carolina for the Power Generation Industry.

ATLANTA, GA, 07/2011 -- R.P. Adams is proud to announce the selection of E.W. Klein & Company as exclusive representative within North and South Carolina for the power generation industry. E.W. Klein has represented R.P. Adams within Georgia and Alabama since 2005.

R.P. Adams has over 60 years experience designing and manufacturing automatic self cleaning strainers, industrial filtration and compressor system aftercoolers that have unequaled reliability within the power generation industry. With single unit flows to 85,000 GPM and automatic self-cleaning elements to 25 microns we can solve even the most difficult water quality issues.

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Press Release
E.W. Klein & Company Welcomes Back Eddie Ostervold as Sales Engineer

ATLANTA, GA, 06/2011 -- E. W. Klein & Company, provider of engineered equipment and technical problem solving in the Southeast, announced that Eddie Ostervold again joined E.W. Klein & Co. as a Sales Engineer after an 11 year hiatus.

Mr. Ostervold previously worked for E.W. Klein & Co. from 1993-1999 and was very successful in the sales and engineering of NASH pumps for the hospital, poultry, and other general industrial markets. The Ostervold's have a long history with E.W. Klein & Co. as described by Eddie: "My Father, Jim Ostervold, sold Nash pumps with E.W. Klein & Co for 33 years starting in 1962 and retiring as President in 1995... even my sister, Kathy Ostervold, sold Nash pumps at E.W. Klein for a few years before relocating to Kansas City... thus, in a way it feels like returning home."

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Press Release
E. W. Klein & Company Hires Steven Fleck as Solutions Engineer

ATLANTA, GA, May 27, 2008 -- E. W. Klein & Company, provider of engineered equipment and technical problem solving, hired Steven Fleck as their new specialty pumps and process equipment solutions engineer.

Mr. Fleck will manage all aspects of delivering optimized specialty pumping and process equipment solutions for critical industrial applications. Mr. Fleck has over 20 years experience designing and implementing critical industrial process solutions. As a former design engineer with Post, Buckley, Schuh, & Jernigan, president of a water and wastewater utility, founder of a hazardous material recycling business and holder of several industrial process patents, Mr. Fleck brings broad experience and knowledge to the E. W. Klein & Company team.

"We are excited to have Mr. Fleck join our team of professionals," said Kent Watkins, President of E. W. Klein & Company. 'Mr. Fleck's extensive knowledge and experience will bring exactly the background we were looking for in a specialty pumps and process equipment solutions engineer."

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NASH Pump Delivered in a Hurry
by Kent Watkins

Doug Ellis is CEO of Southern Mills. He spent four years at Princeton University and then attended Georgia Tech, earning a textile degree in an amazing four quarters. And then he said, “it was time to go to work.”

Southern Mills manufactures Nomex flame retardant fabrics used by fire fighters, race-car drivers, and the military. All of these are people in a hurry. When the Southern Mills plant in Senoia, GA, needed a vacuum pump to replace a failed foreign pump, they needed it in a hurry. I worked with their plant engineer to find a solution. We selected and sized the pump and got the paper work ready. NASH sent the pump out that same day, on Friday afternoon by airfreight.

Early Saturday morning the plant maintenance crew modified the piping using our drawings to accept the new NASH TCM-2 vacuum pump. By noon the pump was running, the hurry was over and the plant was back to work. The vacuum level exceeded their expectations. They expect their rugged, reliable NASH vacuum pump to run for many years.

"It is working well, as expected. It IS, after all, a NASH! Thanks!"
-Plant Engineer, Barry Flippo

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E.W. Klein & Company’s History Selling Vacuum Pumps

1905 Lewis Nash patents the liquid ring vacuum pump and the NASH Engineering Company is launched in Norwalk, CT.

1921 E. W. Klein Sr. signs on as NASH’s #001 representative beginning a highly successful and long-running partnership.

2002 NASH Engineering grows as it combines with the Siemens (ELMO) vacuum pump to become nash_elmo.

2004 Gardner Denver acquires nash_elmo, creating Gardner Denver NASH.

With more than 100 years of experience, NASH is the world’s leading supplier of liquid ring vacuum products.

NASH Uses Rapid Prototyping in New Pump Development

Rapid Prototyping is a new industry buzz word. Prototyping programs create free form models directly from computer aided designs (CAD) or virtual simulations. There is no intermediary requirement to build a machine to make the model. Three dimensional physical models built with plastic and lasers come directly from the computer design in 3 to 72 hours. That may not seem “rapid” in some cases but when you’re experimenting with new pump designs, that beats the old pace by a mile!

NASH is designing new liquid ring pump models using rapid prototyping and it is affecting the speed of innovation. Experiments are done on 3D models earlier in the design process. Prototype pumps can be evaluated for efficiency improvements and ease of manufacture while insuring that the new design maintains or improves on the rugged reliability that sets NASH pumps apart.

True Customer Service by NASH and E.W. Klein & Company
By Joe Darden

I want to tell you a story about true customer service.

Late one Friday afternoon one of our customers had a pump fail. I got a phone call from Cary Norwood of E. W. Klein & Company’s Atlanta office needing a replacement pump for a customer immediately.

We located a pump in stock and ready for immediate shipment. What was the bigger obstacle to quick delivery – that the pump was in Missouri or that it was 5:00 pm on Friday?

Doris Bohannon, nash_ elmo Distribution Center Manager, came to the rescue. Although Doris was attending a party with family, she left the festivities to drive 1 hour back to work to handle the details of the shipment. She had several conversations with Cary, the customer’s maintenance manager and the purchasing agent about the details of the order. She also called several nash_elmo managers to get the necessary approvals. When she ran into a glitch finding a local freight company, she contacted the Ray Golden Birmingham Service Manager at home to get the name of a local freight company. They found a truck that could handle this large pump for a direct haul around 10:00 PM.

The truck left Birmingham and drove straight through to St. Louis. At 5:30 AM when the truck arrived, Doris was waiting to supervise the loading. The pump arrived at the mill around 6:00 PM Saturday evening.

It took team work – E. W. Klein & Company, Cary, Doris, everyone – to pull this delivery off. The customer was so happy with the quick shipment they offered to hug everyone involved. We just gave them service with a smile!

Back by Popular Demand: The Search for the Oldest Vacuum Pump

nash_elmo pumps are built to last in some harsh environments, but even we’ve been amazed at the longevity of some of the pumps in operation. If you have a pump that’s alive and pumping long after other pumps have been replaced, let us know. We’ll publish a selection of some of the oldest and hardworking ones in our next newsletter.


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