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We don't just repair Nash vacuum pumps, we rebuild them.

Only Nash authorized service centers can offer:Pump Repair Wall of Shame

Let us rebuild your Somarakis, Vooner, Travaini, Sihi, Graham, ELMO and Siemens vacuum pumps.

Don’t let your pump end up on the “Pump Repair Wall of Shame” »


fiberscopes fiber scopes

Fiberscopes provide a very detailed condition report through a visual inspection of the critical tolerances inside the vacuum pump without removing the pump or disturbing the piping. Many customers set-up yearly inspections on their vacuum pumps during shut down periods. Call today to set-up a fiberscope for your vacuum pumps.

Vacuum/Compressor Pump Rebuilds

Vacuum and Compressor Pump Rebuilds

Vacuum/Compressor Pump rebuilds. Free tear down and inspection for all size pumps.There is only one Nash Authorized Vacuum Pump Service Center. All rebuilt pumps are guaranteed “same as new” pump capacity and carry “same as new” warranty.

Swap-Out & Rebuilt Exchange Pumps

Swap-Out and Rebuilt Exchange pumps

Swap-Out and Rebuilt Exchange pumps are a good choice for many customers that do not have a spare on hand. Nash sends you a rebuilt pump, you swap it out and send the “core” back to Nash. All rebuilt vacuum pumps and compressors are guaranteed same-as-new capacity and carry a new pump warranty. Nash vacuum pump service and repair offers quick turnarounds - even 24 hr emergency vacuum pump service.

Orifice Testing

Orifice Testing

Orifice testing is the most economical ways to evaluate the condition of your pump is to do your own orifice test or have a Nash Service tech do it for you. All that is needed is an orifice plate and vacuum gauge(s). Call us today and we can specify the correct orifice and explain the testing procedure and proper test set-up. Using proprietary charts, we can determine the flow of air through an orifice by measuring the differential pressure across the plate (i.e vacuum level).

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"With service like this, you should send me a line card so I know everything you guys do! Thanks for setting me straight on the Nash pump. I hope to report back on some of these recommendations." National Manager - Pumps, Mixers, & Bleaching Products


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